Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Can you believe that its almost Christmas! We finished our customer holiday orders and are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with our families - and a couple of days off wont hurt either! But not to worry, we'll be back at work very soon! We have to be, Valentine's Day is coming and before we know it we will be busily embroidering Easter baskets and dresses!
But for now, let's just enjoy the holidays. We have had a truly wonderful year and our business really took off - we weren't always prepared, but we have had so much fun making things for our amazing customers - and we are going to keep on doing it! There is just something so wonderful about being a part of people's gift-giving.
What will 2010 hold for the Preppy In Paradise crew? Possibly a new retail location? Perhaps! Some beautiful new products? Most definitely! We will continue to strive for creative perfection and customer service that is unparalleled! As usual, we invite comments, suggestions and yes, even constructive criticism!
We wish everyone a very Merry Preppy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Holidays from Preppy In Paradise!
It really is the most wonderful time of the year and we have been very busy little elves! We are now CLOSED TO ALL NEW ORDERS until after the holidays! This is so that we can fulfill our existing orders and give our customers the best possible service - oh, and spend some time with our families as well! We hope you will understand - and that we will see you in the New Year! We will have some new things arriving and will look forward to all the Valentines Day, Easter and birthday orders!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, we will respond as soon as possible. You are welcome to order things, but they will not be done until the New Year.
Thank you, all of our fabulously preppy customers, for a great year! We hope your holiday season is warm, wonderful and filled with love!
Yours Truly,
Leanne & The Preppy In Paradise Team

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Updates

Hello Preppy Friends!

Just an update on what we are working on, how long things might take if you order, and what we have in stock!

Today we are finishing up some cute orders for our friends at Jason's Deli - who'd have ever thought a Santa hat could be this cute, but add a Jason's logo and there you have it - lots of fun, though I have been craving a ranchero wrap all day!

We are also hard at work on the Engh family dresses (and onesie) - how cute are the girls going to look in their coordinating appliqued dresses! Pictures will be posted tomorrow!

We have a lot of last-minute holiday orders coming in, and we are doing our best to get them done as quickly as possible - if you think you are going to want something done you might want to get in touch with us before we fill up - I am NOT going to work Christmas Eve this year - okay, well if somebody calls me and has a gift-giving emergency (they happen!) then I always try to help, but please, I BEG of you, don't wait til its too late!

Every year we run out of Scout bags before Christmas - why? Because they are a 'go-to' gift for a lot of people - teachers, grandparents, the best friend who has everything - when they are gone, they'll be gone until our next order - and at this late date I don't think I can guarantee they can get me more before Christmas. So let me know if you think you're going to need one, I hate to tell people I'm out of them, but it does happen! Same goes for the market totes - we have been cranking them out and I really think they look fantastic - but again, people are getting 2 or 3 at a time and we are most likely going to run out. If you want to know what bag patterns or market tote colors we still have, just drop us a line at

Phew, okay, back to work!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What to get for that teacher who has everything!

Here is our top 10 list of gifts for teachers! There is something for everyone in all different price ranges! Get your orders in early because we are cranking up the machines and getting all of the holiday orders out for our wonderful customers - you!

1. Market Tote ($30)

2. Monogrammed Scout Bag ($35)

3. Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag ($16)

4. Monogrammed Cap ($16)

5. Personalized Sports Bottle ($15)

6. Monogrammed Super Soft Scarf ($20)

7. Personalized Lunch Bag ($15)

8. Monogrammed Lounge Chair Cover ($40)

9. Monogrammed Beach Towel ($20)

10. Ribbon Key Fob ($8)

We also have Personalized melamine plates and platters, re-usable wine totes, re-usable grocery bags, kitchen towels, the list goes one! If you need a little help figuring something out, just let us know!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New! Teacher Wish Lists!

A special thank you to teacher Elizabeth Reynolds who gave us a stellar idea today at the Saints Fall Bazaar - a teacher wish list! Duh, why didn't we think of this before, since we always are looking out for great teacher gifts! Well, it's not too late for this year - we have some printed off and will keep them up at the cash register at the bazaar tomorrow - then we'll hang on to them until the teachers get what they want!!!

So we need YOU, are awesome customers, to get your teacher to fill one out so that parents can swing by and get their special teacher exactly what he or she would like! Kind of like a gift registry, but we will also have their name and monogram spellings on file to make it super easy!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Saint Michaels Fall Bazaar

What would life be like with out traditions? Not very exciting I think! One of our traditions is attending the annual Saints Fall Bazaar hosted at Saint Michael's Lutheran School in Fort Myers Florida. Now, you may think this is some little one-room, crafts-made-from-pasta kinda show, but it is sooooo not!
Every year they have a wait list of local crafts people and vendors who sell some truly great things. Everything from jewelry, art, gourmet foodstuffs to (yippee) children's clothing. You could do all of your holiday shopping in one spot. And, to top it off, it is a fundraiser for the school and its a very fun atmosphere.
Once again this year Preppy In Paradise will be doing on-site monogramming as well as rolling out some new products. This is the ONLY craft show we will be doing, so come visit and watch the blog for more updates!
Thursday, November 12
2:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Friday, November 13
7:30 am - 4:30 pm

And the Preppy Tee of her choice goes to . . .

Congratulations! Email us with your design choice and tee shirt size.

Preppy Piggies Contest

To celebrate the arrival of our latest and greatest product, Preppy In Paradise is giving away a set of the Piggy Paint nail polish! "Jingle Nail Rock" includes a sparkling deep green polish and a bright red polish as well as a bottle of remover. We have been making liberal use of the Piggy Paint since it arrived and the colors are just amazing. Its really fun and any girl, of any age will definitely get into the holiday spirit with this set!
Want to win it? Send us an email telling us what your favorite Piggy Paint Polish color is and you could win! Visit
to check out the colors! Contest ends November 30th so tell your friends. Oh, and if you don't give us your email address, we wont know how to contact you - all you crazy bloggers!
Stay tuned later today when Alexandra draws the winner of the Preppy Tee contest!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Plastic shopping bags are on their way OUT

Did you know that Florida is considering a 5 year plan to phase out plastic AND paper grocery shopping bags? Since we just returned from a trip to Europe, this didn't seem that strange to us because in many of the grocery stores we visited there you had to by a bag - and in a couple of shops in Paris the reusable bag was the same price as the plastic one!
Anyway, I didn't used to sell the Scout market totes, not because I didn't like them, just because I already sell SO many things that I didn't know if people would be interested. Well, if you are going to have to use a reusable shopping bag, let me tell you this is the way to go! I take 2 of them to the store and fit an entire week's worth of groceries - and look darn good doing it! Check them out - they come in a wide variety of patterns and for $20 you can use it over and over and over again! Oh, and they are very handy for other things as well, but you will not be disappointed when you try these out!
Not convinced? Stop by, pick one up and use it for a week - if you don't like it (I wont believe you, but hey) bring it back! It'll be on a first come first served basis for the trial bags, but you are always welcome to stop by and check out all of our great Scout products. You can also visit their website at to see available patterns - if you see something you like we can get it!
So to wrap it up, I am in favor of using less plastic bags, I know it will be a stretch for many people and there will be growing pains, but darn it, plastic is just not stylish, and its most definitely not preppy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's Going on? You ask!

Hello, just time for a weekly update! Now, I know I'm not the worlds best blogger, but lets face it, it takes a LOT of time to keep it up - I mostly use it to let people know what's new and what is coming up! Oh, and since we are on the topic . . . don't forget to tell me what your fav Preppy Tee design is if you want to be entered in the contest to win one!!!
That's not to say that I don't like blogging, because anyone who knows me knows that I can talk, and talk, and talk - same goes for typing! Yes folks, I am long-winded!
So, right now I'm busy planning our St. Michael's Fall Bazaar booth - or at least thinking about it, maybe 'planning' isn't the most accurate description - that would mean I've been writing things down, like what I am going to put where, and what the displays are going to look like. Instead, I've been just buying more bags and market totes so that everyone will be able to get the best teacher gifts and holiday presents for friends and family!
If you know me personally then you know I do this because I love it. And this season is no exception, I truly love being a part of people's gift-giving - I enjoy every last moment of helping someone find that perfect gift - even picking out colors, fonts, embroidery designs - its what I live for! I just like seeing people happy, or hearing how much they loved giving a gift - or receiving it! Its so much fun!
This year I have tried my best to find things at varying price points - you know, if you have any good ideas I'm certainly open to suggestion!
So . . . I found some pretty faux-cashmere scarves - they look so pretty monogrammed and hey, it gets cold enough here every so often - and some of us go on chi chi ski trips!
And you all know my new -favorite gift is the market tote - I just think you get a lot of bang for your buck because it is so versatile and looks so awesome with a name or monogram on it - I don't actually use mine at the market, but I have seen some there - that's just because my other new addiction is the Scout shopping bags - you can see them at the bazaar, they are awesome, and did you know many states have out-lawed plastic shopping bags! Florida is likely going to be next! Wow, I say! I think its a great idea, but what will I use for doggie poo bags? I guess biodegradable ones is a better choice!
Anyway, how did I get so off-topic? What else have we been up to? Well, I had a nice visit with Heather Harris out at her studio (check out the pics of my bulldog puppy in her witch costume on Heather's blog) - and I highly recommend Heather for all of your photography needs. Why? well first of all, she has so much talent, but you know, she is just so generous and creative and when ever I see her it makes me want to go do something creative! She creates these elaborate settings and makes photos so fun for the kids, and then she has great prices and it just makes for a wonderful package! I am going to make an effort to get more professional pictures of my children - someday I want them to look at all of these beautiful photos and say, my parents really cherished me!
And no, Heather is not paying me to say these things, its just the plain truth. If I find something I think is good quality and really worth your money, I like to share! So, that's my recommendation for the day, okay, month! Think 'holiday photos'. Hey, I have a good idea - how about a Preppy In Paradise Christmas Dress - have Heather take the picture, it will be awesome!
Well, now I'm tired, and I have lots of planning to do! So, don't forget to get your tee shirt vote in, come visit us at St. Michaels in November, start making your list and checking it twice!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Piggy Paint

Do you have a little girl that loves to have her nails painted? Are you a girl that loves to have her nails painted? Are you ever bothered by the idea of putting such a harsh chemical on your little angels nails - especially if they occasionally end up in her mouth!

Well, Preppy in Paradise is proud to offer the coolest, most earth-friendly, non-toxic, kid-and-mom-friendly nail polish around . . . Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, low odor, water-based, hypoallergenic and biodegradable nail polish that dries to a hard, durable finish! This mom-created product is made from ingredients that are, literally, as natural as mud - with no harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, phtyalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate or acetone.
There is a huge array of vibrant colors with super cool names that your gal will love - mac and cheese (orange), angel kisses (soft pink), forever fancy (sparkly bright pink), sleepover (midnight black for those trendy gals). These are going to be hot hot hot for stocking stuffers and birthday ideas! This is a tried-and-true product that you will be very impressed with.

If you really don't think you need this product, check out this picture of what regular polish does to a foam plate - I'm a believer now! Yes, that is the plate being eaten by the regular polish! I think I'm even going to start using it!

For maximum chip resistance, they recommend using a blow-dryer on a medium setting to gently speed up the drying process. Check out their website ( for any other info you might want - and then come check out the polish in person - at Preppy In Paradise - we'll also have a display at the Saint Michael's Fall Bazaar. We will be revealing a very special Gator fan color combination there!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Four Cute Dudes

A perfect example of Preppy Tees put to good use! Four cute little dudes, celebrating a collective 3rd birthday! Each shirt has all of their names around the outside and a number 3 with their own name under it. These shirts were one of the moms special surprise to the other boys and I think you'll agree they are too cute for words! Enter the contest now and one of these Preppy Tees could be yours! See the previous post for instructions! You have til October 31st!

Contest Time!

Want to win one of our new Preppy Tees? Simply visit the web site, check out the designs under the Preppy Tees category and then email us with your favorite! We'll enter your name into the drawing to win a personalized tee! Contest ends October 31st, one entry per person, pass it along! We'll ship!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Tees

How cute is this tee! This adorable shirt is going to McKenna in Arizona along with a matching one for her little sis - they are going to be the cutest gals around! Order yours today in time for all the holiday parties!
Check out the web site for design options!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Preppy Tees

I can't believe I have taken so long to blog about our newest and most adorable product - Preppy Tees (they have their own category on the web site now, check it out!). They are simply the softest tees with the most adorable designs - they make great gifts for birthdays, family gatherings, group outings, to commemorate a special event, or, just because your kids love tees and you love monograms! We really like working with people to come up with the perfect design for their special tee - you might say its our specialty (get it??? yeah, I know, I'm not that funny!).

Please note, all of the designs on the Preppy In Paradise website are copyrighted - so for those of you who are looking to coast off of our hard work (and we ALL know who you are) please don't! Its wrong, its illegal, and its distasteful - oh, and one of the benefits of having attended law school, is that I have law school buddies just itching to go after design thieves!

What are YOU thankful for?

Preppy In Paradise is thankful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and be part of their gift-giving experience. I just can't tell you how amazing it is make something knowing it is being given with love! Do I sound like I'm full of fromage? I don't care! Call me the cheesiest, but 'tis the season!
Speaking of which, the holiday season is upon us and the craft show season is upon ME! Thank you to all those loyal Preppies who came out to the Sweet Bean Cafe event - it was fun and definitely got me into the craft show spirit! The only other event we will be attending this year will be the Saint Michael's Fall Bazaar, November 12th and 13th. If you have never been to this show, you are truly missing out! I started going years ago and know that it is a great place to pick up some gifts for everyone on your list. When I saw 'craft show' I don't mean plastic doilies either, I mean hand painted glassware, children's clothes, doll clothes, yummy treats and actual items made by local, talented artisans. If you only go to one craft show, make it this one - we did! Not to mention that a portion of the profits goes directly to the school.
We will be doing on-site monogramming, but it will be first come first served, and it will be limited to items that take less than 15 minutes on the machine - so if you want that shower curtain, duvet or tablecloth done - you'd better see us at the studio instead!
At the show we will have a large assortment of hair accessories, holiday dresses and items that are perfect for teacher gifts. Check out the website to see whats new - that is always much more efficient than asking me, since I can't always remember!

Hope to see you there!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Boo! What's New?

Can you believe that the Halloween stuff is already out in all of the stores! It seems like just yesterday we were putting the holiday stuff away and here we are gearing up for another season!

So . . . we have some adorable new Halloween totes this year - there are other stores that sell them, or similar items, however we include free monogramming! Check it out - oh, and did we mention that we have glow in the dark thread? It is so very cool! When we first tried it we were expecting just a subtle glow but no, you could light your way with this thread it is so bright!

We are also gearing up for the holiday gift giving with some new items. Check out the terry towel lounge chair covers - they are so cozy and they have these handy pockets on the sides - as soon as I saw them I just had to have them - they are perfect for that gal who just has everything - maybe even a unique teacher gift! Of course, they can be monogrammed!

Have any good ideas for us? Is there something you've always wanted us to carry? Email us and let us know ASAP so we can get busy! Also, plan on visiting us at the Saint Michael's Fall bazaar November 12th and 13th - we will have some exclusive items there and a whole new line of hair bows that you will absolutely love! And maybe, just maybe, a few surprises!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm alive!

Hail Caesar! We survived! But only just barely! I feel like I have been gone forever and man, did I ever miss being at the helm of Preppy In Paradise! Glen has been trying to convince me that maybe we should expand to Italy, but I think that has more to do with his desire to eat gelato than to grow the business!

So now we are gearing up for the holiday season. There are some new products that we will be introducing in the next couple of weeks as well as some new patterns from Scout. If you have any ideas for the holiday season, please let us know now!

We will be at the Saint Michael's Fall Bazaar again this year, because we just love those people! But please note, that will be the ONLY craft fair appearance we make as we are first and foremost dedicated to our existing customers and we want to ensure we will be available for all of your holiday needs!

Glad to be back, I missed you guys!

p.s. yes, that is Blakus Maximus in the picture

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monogramming Marathon

Okay Folks, we are setting things up for a drop-in and get things monogrammed while you wait and shop for things that are on sale open house! Whoo, say that three times fast! Seriously though, if you need anything before I go to Europe, now is your chance!!!

Thursday 10 - 3
Friday 10 - 3 and 5 - whenever (party!)
Monday 10 - whenever!!!

Okay, well if you are going to be shopping during the 'whenever' hours you may want to check with me to make sure I'm not eating/sleeping/showering - but otherwise, I am going to be here working to get people taken care of before I head to Europe. So think backpacks, lunchboxes and anything else you might need before school!

When I get back at the end of August I will be introducing some great new products too, so watch for those! Start making your holiday gift giving lists because before you know it, its going to be here!

Email me with questions!

Friday, July 10, 2009

What's New?

Hi y'all! We have been very busy here at PIP with so many customers trying to get things done before Leanne leaves for her European vacation! We just received a big shipment of backpacks and lunch boxes from Mint so your little darlings can be coordinated! Check out the adorable new patterns - all the little girls are going crazy for the Mermaid and Tutti Frutti patterns! We also have the seersucker, which is, of course, incredibly preppy!
Everyone is probably wondering what this coming week's giveaway is going to be - and we are happy to announce that we will be drawing THREE names for THREE different gifts:
1) someone is going to take home a gym set! What, is a a gym set, you ask? well, its a personalized workout towel and sports bottle! You choose the colors and theme, we do the personalizng!
2) someone is going to get a car monogram!
3) someone is going to be wearing a monogrammed hat!
Who is it going to be this this coming week? We'll have to wait and see who Alex picks next Oh the mystery, oh the intrigue! Oh the preppiness of it all!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our week 2 winners . . .

This week, we picked TWO winners in our 'Month of Give-Aways'! Check out the video to see if my lovely daughter Alex butchered your name!

Next week, it could be you! But there is starting to be some stiff competition with people getting their name in the bucket multiple times because of their purchases! we had to use a bigger bucket for the drawing!!!

Happy Birthday to Preppy In Paradise! We are very happy that the new web site has been launched and look forward to feedback from you, our awesome customers! We are still adding some products to the site and if you come across a problem please let us know ASAP so it can be addressed.

What else are we up to? well, if your child is going to need a new lunch box, check out the new selection we just added from Mint - they are very generously sized and in the same great patterns as the snack squares. A lot of people ask me if the snack squares are big enough for lunch boxes and the answer is yes, but if you need a larger one then we have them!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

and the winner is . . .

Check out the video to see this weeks winner . . .okay, spoiler alert, its Liz Abbott of Fort Myers, Florida who takes home the monogrammed platter! But watch the video anyway to make my daughter happy! Next weeks winner will get to choose between an outfit, and a monogrammed market tote - good luck everyone!
**Also, the website is still down for maintenance, but wait til you see the new one, its sooooo preppy and adorable!**
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Deja vu

Trying to visit the store and you keep ending up at the blog? No, you are not going crazy, we're just updating the site! Check back soon to visit the new site! Don't forget, we're drawing the first winner on Wednesday! Make sure you're registered and we know your info!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Make sure we know your name and email address when you register for the contest!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

And the winner is . . .

We don't know yet, because the first name will be drawn on July 1st. View the previous posts to figure out how you can register to win one of our weekly drawings! The first drawing will be for a monogrammed 10 x 14 melamine platter from our brand new line of personalized plates and platters! Perfect for poolside or the beach, the winner of this platter is going to be very happy - and very Preppy In Paradise!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Register to Win!

As many of you already know, this July marks the 1 year anniversary for Preppy In Paradise, LLC! To celebrate, we will be hosting special sales and give-a-ways all month!

So here's the deal - in order to win on of the fabulous prizes, you must first subscribe to the Preppy In Paradise blog!

Here is how to get your name entered into the weekly drawings:

1. subscribe to this blog (good for 1 entry) - then email us so we know!

2. email us and tell us that you have added (the online store) to your favorites list (you get 1 entry for this too)

3. include in an email to 3 friends telling them about Preppy In Paradise (something nice please!). (you will get THREE entries for this!)

4. you get 1 entry for every $10 you spend before July 15th.

The first drawing will be on July 1st - check back to see what its going to be for, but trust us when we say you're going to like it! Make sure we have your phone number and email so we can let you know if you win! The winners will also be posted on this blog, so . . . check back often!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Upcoming Events and News

Hello! The summer is definitely in full swing in Southwest Florida, with temperatures topping 100 and mommies running around like crazy people while they chauffeur kiddos to camps!

A couple of things to point out - Leanne and family will be travelling in Europe for almost the entire month of August. While she is away business will continue on with the assistance of Fiona and the other PIP folks. However, if there is something you know you are going to need for the start of school or beginning of September, you may want to get it to us before August!

Guess what?! In July, Preppy In Paradise will be celebrating its first birthday! Can you believe it? We have no idea where the last year went, but it was a great one! We will be having loads of special Preppy events the month of July so please check the blog regularly!

New Products - PIP is very happy to announce that we will noq be offering personalized melamine plates. There is a wide variety of patterns for birthdays, holidays, families, children - you name it! There are plates as well as platters, which will make great gifts for the holidays - but if you are interested, we encourage you avoid the holiday rush and become one of those 'early shoppers' we all joke about but secretly envy! Wouldn't it be nice to put your feet up and enjoy the holidays this year instead of rushing around! Also, we find it makes the huge expense much more tolerable if it is spread out over the several months leading up to the holidays - for instance, you know you are going to be getting teacher gifts, so why wait until December? Simply start collecting ideas and even buying things when you think of it - store them away in the back of your closet and then enjoy all the free time around the holidays! You can do it and you will not be disappointed!

Ciao for now!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hi! So, I've been busy with some fun projects lately!

First I did 60 embroidered saddle pads that the Grand Champions and Reserve Champions won from the Lee County Horseman's Association - the turned out gorgeous and I hope all of the winners liked them! My daughter Alex does the occasional horse show and it is such a great organization to be a part of. Alex's horse trainer, Mr. Mike Kalil, happens to be the President of the LCHA and is the best instructor around - Alex just loves him!

Then I started on the 20th Anniversary Bush Florida Open tennis towels. This is a special project too because the Bush Open is hosted by The Landings Tennis Association, which is where I have taken lessons from Mr. Patrick Kangwa for years and have grown to adore each and every employee there! Mari, Terry - everyone is so great. Obviously, this is a special year for the tournament and Preppy In Paradise is exceptionally proud to offer tennis towels based on the 20th Anniversary logo. Visit the site if you would like to purchase one - note, a limited quantity was produced for The Landings and Florida Open Tennis - if they run out, you can email me or order directly from our website!

Monday, June 1, 2009

What in the world is Leanne up to this week

Well, I have been very busy trying to fulfill all outstanding orders so I can start on my 2 big orders for the month - I have the privilege of doing 60 saddle pads for the Lee County Horseman's Association end of the year awards - the Grand Champions and Reserve Champions will all get a great - and practical - gift! Next I have 5 dozen tennis towels to work on for the 20th Anniversary Bush Open Florida Tennis Tournament - what a great event that is. I am also planning on having some other cute tennis accessories available for purchase during the event so if you are in town drop by The Landings Prop Shop to check it out!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's that time of year again! Teacher gifts!

So, a lot of people are wondering what to do for end of the year teacher gifts - we all know they don't really like teacher-themed gifts, and that they prefer gift cards and cash, but I always like to give them something fun too! These are my ideas:

  • Monogrammed caps

  • Monogrammed beach towels

  • Personalized cosmetic bags

  • Personalized sports cups

  • Cooler sets

Also, I have some market totes arriving soon and they will go very fast! Black, brown, lime, red, hot pink and zebra! They look awesome monogrammed! Email me if you are interested!

Friday, March 13, 2009

What's New?

Okay, so, it has been quite some time since I have blogged, but it really is time-consuming! Which must mean I'm busy doing something else, right? I am always looking for new and useful items to monogram and this month, its hats! Visors, baseball hats, sports mesh visors, we're doing them all! And I can offer the best prices around thanks to my dear friend Aimee who happens to be a hat wholesaler! Check them out - its a great thing to be thinking about as the summer approaches - think summer camp! A monogrammed hat is also a thoughtful and affordable gift for a friend or family member. Check it out and let us know if you have any
questions or ideas!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Its a new day!

Okay, so, I didn't think about whether people would have the software to manipulate the ribbon placement templates - so I apologize if its confusing or just plain impossible - I totally don't mind answering questions, it just may take me a while depending on what i'm working on at any given time!

Today, its hats! I LOVE monogrammed visors and baseball hats. My good friend Aimee has a company that sells them - no minimum and great prices, let me know if you want that website! I did some for the kids now I'm on to the mommies - they have proven to be quite popular!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to monogram ribbon for bows and headbands 101

Okay, in an effort to save myself from drowning in requests for this file and technique, I'm just going to post the instructions here and HOPE it helps - God save us all! I know how frusrating it is to see those gorgeously monogrammed bows and headbands, only to have some clumpy wrinkled grosgrain mess starring at you from your machine! HOW, you ask DO THEY DO THAT!!!! I don't have time to completely re-write these instructions (hello! bows to embroider! dresses to sew!) so I hope y'all don't mind if I just post the original email instructions below!

HERE is the file available for download.

This is the original message I sent to the girl who was initially looking for help – I hope everyone appreciates it, not many people share their secrets or designs for free! Basically, this is one of the best kept secrets for making monogrammed bows and I literally researched it for months before MJ at graciously answered a desperate email from me inquiring about stitching her designs on grosgrain ribbon for bows. She was doing an article for Stitch Fun News that was similar and gave me the first size ribbon template. I figured out how to do it on my own and added the other ribbon sizes.

Do me a favor and add my website to your ‘favorites’ if you don’t mind! While you are at it, add too if you don’t already shop on her site – she has some great ‘little’ designs for embroidering on ribbon. I have used them for embroidered bows and the covered buttons for the pony tails – that is done with the same ‘basting stitch’ principle, just making multiple circles that fit inside of your hoop. I have 2 Babylock BMP8’s and use .pes format – if you need a different format, let me know and I can convert if for you when I get a chance. I would hate for MJ to find out I’m ‘passing’ this idea around without her getting some kind of credit – and when you link to our sites it increases traffic via google searches! Thanks! is my site – I’m always happy to help other mommy-entrepreneurs and love chatting about ideas with other people. Visit my blog and lets chat – I don’t devote very much time to it, but I’d love to get it up and running!

Okay, I'll try to explain the technique quickly, it works great for doing monogrammed bows as well as embroidered headbands and cover buttons. I apologize in advance if it’s a little wordy – I am trying to give as much info as possible and anticipate any questions or ‘vague’ aspects . . . so . . .

1. open the design and you will see the 3 sets of rectangles that represent the placement for 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 3 inch ribbon. I copy and paste the size I want to do onto another open file so I can do multiple ribbons at a time. I do it horizontally across the page – depending on the hoop size.
2. You will notice 2 colors – the first one represents the ‘placement’ – and the second narrower color is the actual basting stitch.
3. Once you have as many copies as you want plotted out, go ahead and sort the colors so that you will sew out all of the placement stitches first, followed by the basting stitches (do you understand what I mean, you don’t want to do a placement, then remove your hoop and baste, then put it back in and do a placement, then remove it . . . you get the idea, you want to do them all at once, lets be efficient here!).
4. Now use your software program to insert the designs within the basting stitch limits – whether it’s a monogram or a mini design, headband or to be sewn into a bow. If I plotted out 6 spots for ribbons, I just go ahead and insert all of the designs.
5. Now hoop up your stabilizer (I use medium weight tear away, or sometimes 2 layers of tear away light, you could get away with one layer if your hoop isn’t too big, but I find the placement stitch sometimes has a hard time starting out if its not thick enough).
6. Now you are ready to stitch out the placement stitch – this just creates an outline of where you are going to place your ribbons.
7. Once all of your placement lines are there, stop your machine, remove your hoop (just like appliqué) but DO NOT UNHOOP YOUR STABILIZER – and get out your spray adhesive (I prefer 505 myself). If, you don’t have spray adhesive, go and get some immediately you foolish girl! Pins are okay, but spray adhesive is the best – I hardly hoop anything, I just use adhesive spray!
8. Now place your ribbons between the placement stitches, being mindful of where you want your design to ultimately be stitched – as in, if it’s going to be a bow, what loop of the bow will the design or monogram appear, or is it going to be on a tail? That’s the spot you obviously want to be on the stabilizer.
9. Now put the hoop back in the machine and let it go! First it should stitch out all of the basting stitches and then move on to your designs.
10. Once its finished, simply remove the basting stitch and stabilizer – some designs do better than others – some ‘pull’ more, some may require a quick pressing – you’ll have to expirement with designs and fonts that turn out the best.
11. Good luck, maybe I’ll make a video!
12. Don’t’ forget to add my site to your favorites, it’s the least you can do!!!

Let me know if this works for you – I’m at home working most days!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to my world!

Several people have asked me to post pictures of my sewing room, so, here you go! I have a Singer serger and and Singer sewing machine and 2 Babylock BMP embroidery machines (which I LOVE). I do have a lot of fun making things in this room and I am very thankful that the kids let me take over the playroom without too much fussing!