Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dads, Grads and Other Needful Things!

Get your Father's Day orders in ASAP if you want it personalized!  Its really difficult for us if you wait until the very last minute because y'all know I have a hard time saying 'no' and so we end up working all hours!  We have some very cool things for Dads and if you need help coming up with ideas we have some very unique ones!

What's new?  We have some adorable invitations and personalized notecards made by a very creative mom in California - there is something for everyone and they arrive in 1 week!  Check out some of the cute designs on the left!  We have sample books in the store for you to browse through!

What ELSE?  Can there possibly be more!  Yes, we are bringing in some engraved acrylic housewares, wooden housewares, engraved silver jewelry and some casual handbags.

If there is something you think we should carry, just let us know!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Father's Day is coming!

We have had so many requests for some 'manly' products and we are so happy to report that we have found the perfect company to fill the void in our product line! 

Picnic At Ascot ( "combines European elegance with the great American spirit of adventure" and carries a wide selection of suprerior products that "capture the the essence of the traditional picnic while providing the convenience of today's lifestyle."

Please check out their website and let us know of any products you are interested in - we are placing a big Father's Day order for rolling coolers, trunk organizers and other insulated 'manly' totes this week!  Their prices are so reasonable for the quality of their goods and we think our customers are going to be very happy!

Leanne Luehrman