Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays!
It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone and Christmas is barely a week away!  Many of you know that we are NOT accepting anymore orders that will be due before Christmas!  Please do not ask or beg or try to bribe us, we are swamped and want to give you the best customer service possible - not to mention that we want to be able to make cookies and do holiday activities with our own kids!  ha ha ha

BUT! with that said we may finish everything early and be able to open up to addition orders - it does happen every year so if you are desperate, pray for a Preppy miracle!  CHECK the blog again for updates and know that we are doing our very best, putting in 12+ hours each day of the week to bring you ALL a personalized holiday!

IF you have any questions don't hesitate to call the shop directly at 239-48-1995.  If you need a simple monogram on items purchased from our store we may be able to do it still, but it will cost you - a $10 rush fee has been implemented!  WHAT!  the outrage!  WELL . . . we have had so many customers beg for items needed RIGHT AWAY, and we have stayed late to do so many orders just to have those same people not come for weeks to pick up those items, that we need to do this for our own sanity.  If you have a problem with this we apologize but it is a common practice and since our prices are already so reasonable we think justified.

See you all in the New Year with new products and perhaps an additional location?  Who knows!  Keep watching the blog, Facebook and website for details!

We love you all!

Leanne and the PIP Elves!