Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Preppy Walls

What do you get when you mix a great paint job and a vinyl icon decal? A cute preppy bedroom of course! My dear friend Wendy redecorated her son's room recently and when she was talking about her 'theme' I suggested she try a giant crab to tie it all together. She was game and says it wasn't hard to put up at all and looks adorable. Check it out for yourself!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So Sweet Shower Curtain

I have always loved the look of monogrammed shower curtains, and I had a couple of minutes to 'transform' one before my company arrived - they liked it, and I think it adds something to an otherwise bland guest bathroom, since its the only room in our house that has never been painted or otherwise decorated! Now maybe we'll get to it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Horse Show Season is nearly here!

Its almost time for horse shows to start up again, and in anticipation we are monogramming everything horsey in sight! Show Shirts, Saddle Pads, Polo Wraps, Bags, baseball caps - you name it! We have a great selection of horsey images and lots of monogram styles. Check it out! The best way to ensure your things don't wander off at the barn or at a show is to monogram them!

It has been too wet here in Southwest Florida to do much riding lately, but we still took Auntie Julie out to the barn to meet MacIntosh whiles she was here. Next time, she's getting on!

Back to work!

Well, we're back to work and trying to get all caught up with our orders! Thank you so much to everyone for being patient with us as well as the condolences passed on the Leanne & Glen and family - they were very much appreciated!

Leanne & Glen had a lovely visit with Aunt Julie and Grandma Joan despite the circumstances and we were happy to give them new monogrammed Scout bags - and two more fans were born! Actually, three, because we sent one for Auntie Robin too!

This week has started with the development of an adorable new product - a custom hair bow holder that can be personalized (within reason!) to match a child - light or dark skin tone, blond, brown, red or black hair, and black, brown, blue or green eyes! Its all machine sewn so its very sturdy and looks so cute loaded up with bows! Any little girl is sure to love it. Start thinking about the holidays and birthday parties coming up!