Sunday, January 31, 2010

New products, new space and a whole lot of dust!

It's official, well, the lease is in our hands so its almost official!  Look to see info about our Grand Opening coming next month!  We have a lot of work to do in order to make our new preppy space perfect, but our goal is to make a better shopping experience for our customers, who are so loyal and encouraging and wonderful!  It's happening, and soon! 
We are also bringing in some new products we think you will really like the great things we have found and products will continue to inspire you to give the best gifts!  Additionally, we will be offering services such as gift wrapping, event reminders, teacher gift registry and a special occasion registry.  Also, we will maintain a monogram database to assist customers in remembering people's monogram details - never again will you have to call someone and come up with a good excuse to ask them their middle initial - at least not after the first time!

Now, its back to paint color selection . . . as always we are open to suggestion!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Newsflash! Bricks & Mortar in Preppy In Paradise Future?

Is it really going to happen?  Are we actually going to open a retail location that doesn't require getting through a high-security gate?  Stay tunned and we'll let you know in the next week!  Of course the location itself will remain secret until our GRAND OPENING!!!!  Oh, and if you're good with a paintbrush, please don't hesitate to contact us with your availability!!!!  Yikes!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Preppies for Piper

Before Christmas this year, Preppy In Paradise had the privilege to personalize some items for little Piper.  We were devestated to learn that God called her home on Christmas day and are therefore asking our customers to join us in participating in the first annual Piper 5K, this February 13th.  The 5K race will also include a walk and a stroller push, with all monies raised going to a fund in Piper's name that will benefit the NICU at Healthpark Hospital. 
Preppy In Paradise is proud to be a sponsor and we will be including gift certificates for some complimentary embroidery in every bag handed out to race participants.  Additionally, anyone who wants to run/walk/jog with us please let us know - we have something special for you!  Lets all join together to support this Fort Myers family - its a loss that touches our hearts and it is an opportunity to do something special. 
Click on the link below for more information.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The new Scout patterns are here!

Finally, Scout has released its product line for 2010 - and I think you will all be very pleased with the new patterns.

Available in the Original Deano size (you know, the bags you see at the beach and pool that everyone loves) as well as the Mini Deano, which is good for smaller trips or so your daughter can have her own matching one - and believe me, they ALWAYS want their own matching bag!
They have added another petallica pattern in pink and orange which I am pretty sure will be my new fav, and the other petallica patterns have been 'tweaked' to have (in my humble opinion) more complimentary accent colors. We have to say good-bye to some of our favorite patterns, such as Paisley Princess, Choco Twist in Pink, Petallica Red and Stripes Away - but the new patterns have a lot to offer.
We will also continue to carry the ever-popular Baguette Market Tote and you can see the available patterns on the website - if you're not shopping with one of them yet, you are seriously behind the times!

This week we are in the process of updating the website with some of the new products that they have added as well as removing the ones they are no longer offering (boo hoo, by cooler sets!).
What does all of this mean for you, our loyal customers? While we await the arrival of the new bags, we will be selling out existing stock at a whopping 30% off! So get 'em while they last folks!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know, I know - its time to take down the Christmas posts! I just love that little gator with the Santa hat so much I couldn't bear the thought of replacing him! No, really, I've just been to busy to blog!
So . . . a new year is upon us and we here at Preppy In Paradise have been shopping for new and exciting things for you guys! You should stop by and see the new tennis bags that just arrived as well as the Easter baskets! To say they are cute would be an understatement - but we don't just buy things because they are cute - we always look for things that are useful, high quality and stylish.
If you like the Halloween totes you must see the Easter ones - they are gorgeous!
In other news - Scout is releasing over 300 new products this month - that means new patterns for all of you Scout bag lovers! They told me last week that the new catalogue would be available mid-month and as soon as it is you can be sure we will put it on the blog!
We have restocked the Piggy Paint also - a girl has to be able to have her nails pretty for Valentine's Day - even if it is at the preschool!
You may have heard the rumor that we are looking for additional retail space - its true, but nothing solid yet - so stay posted! We want to find the most convenient and comfortable place for our clients. Drop us a note if you have any questions, watch for an upcoming contest and let's all have a wonderful 2010!