Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monogramming Marathon

Okay Folks, we are setting things up for a drop-in and get things monogrammed while you wait and shop for things that are on sale open house! Whoo, say that three times fast! Seriously though, if you need anything before I go to Europe, now is your chance!!!

Thursday 10 - 3
Friday 10 - 3 and 5 - whenever (party!)
Monday 10 - whenever!!!

Okay, well if you are going to be shopping during the 'whenever' hours you may want to check with me to make sure I'm not eating/sleeping/showering - but otherwise, I am going to be here working to get people taken care of before I head to Europe. So think backpacks, lunchboxes and anything else you might need before school!

When I get back at the end of August I will be introducing some great new products too, so watch for those! Start making your holiday gift giving lists because before you know it, its going to be here!

Email me with questions!

Friday, July 10, 2009

What's New?

Hi y'all! We have been very busy here at PIP with so many customers trying to get things done before Leanne leaves for her European vacation! We just received a big shipment of backpacks and lunch boxes from Mint so your little darlings can be coordinated! Check out the adorable new patterns - all the little girls are going crazy for the Mermaid and Tutti Frutti patterns! We also have the seersucker, which is, of course, incredibly preppy!
Everyone is probably wondering what this coming week's giveaway is going to be - and we are happy to announce that we will be drawing THREE names for THREE different gifts:
1) someone is going to take home a gym set! What, is a a gym set, you ask? well, its a personalized workout towel and sports bottle! You choose the colors and theme, we do the personalizng!
2) someone is going to get a car monogram!
3) someone is going to be wearing a monogrammed hat!
Who is it going to be this this coming week? We'll have to wait and see who Alex picks next Oh the mystery, oh the intrigue! Oh the preppiness of it all!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our week 2 winners . . .

This week, we picked TWO winners in our 'Month of Give-Aways'! Check out the video to see if my lovely daughter Alex butchered your name!

Next week, it could be you! But there is starting to be some stiff competition with people getting their name in the bucket multiple times because of their purchases! we had to use a bigger bucket for the drawing!!!

Happy Birthday to Preppy In Paradise! We are very happy that the new web site has been launched and look forward to feedback from you, our awesome customers! We are still adding some products to the site and if you come across a problem please let us know ASAP so it can be addressed.

What else are we up to? well, if your child is going to need a new lunch box, check out the new selection we just added from Mint - they are very generously sized and in the same great patterns as the snack squares. A lot of people ask me if the snack squares are big enough for lunch boxes and the answer is yes, but if you need a larger one then we have them!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

and the winner is . . .

Check out the video to see this weeks winner . . .okay, spoiler alert, its Liz Abbott of Fort Myers, Florida who takes home the monogrammed platter! But watch the video anyway to make my daughter happy! Next weeks winner will get to choose between an outfit, and a monogrammed market tote - good luck everyone!
**Also, the website is still down for maintenance, but wait til you see the new one, its sooooo preppy and adorable!**
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