Friday, July 10, 2009

What's New?

Hi y'all! We have been very busy here at PIP with so many customers trying to get things done before Leanne leaves for her European vacation! We just received a big shipment of backpacks and lunch boxes from Mint so your little darlings can be coordinated! Check out the adorable new patterns - all the little girls are going crazy for the Mermaid and Tutti Frutti patterns! We also have the seersucker, which is, of course, incredibly preppy!
Everyone is probably wondering what this coming week's giveaway is going to be - and we are happy to announce that we will be drawing THREE names for THREE different gifts:
1) someone is going to take home a gym set! What, is a a gym set, you ask? well, its a personalized workout towel and sports bottle! You choose the colors and theme, we do the personalizng!
2) someone is going to get a car monogram!
3) someone is going to be wearing a monogrammed hat!
Who is it going to be this this coming week? We'll have to wait and see who Alex picks next Oh the mystery, oh the intrigue! Oh the preppiness of it all!

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simple pleasures by heidi said...

not sure if the contest is still going or how to enter, but i'll at least leave my name/email address.
heidi greer