Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to work!

Well, we're back to work and trying to get all caught up with our orders! Thank you so much to everyone for being patient with us as well as the condolences passed on the Leanne & Glen and family - they were very much appreciated!

Leanne & Glen had a lovely visit with Aunt Julie and Grandma Joan despite the circumstances and we were happy to give them new monogrammed Scout bags - and two more fans were born! Actually, three, because we sent one for Auntie Robin too!

This week has started with the development of an adorable new product - a custom hair bow holder that can be personalized (within reason!) to match a child - light or dark skin tone, blond, brown, red or black hair, and black, brown, blue or green eyes! Its all machine sewn so its very sturdy and looks so cute loaded up with bows! Any little girl is sure to love it. Start thinking about the holidays and birthday parties coming up!

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