Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's Going on? You ask!

Hello, just time for a weekly update! Now, I know I'm not the worlds best blogger, but lets face it, it takes a LOT of time to keep it up - I mostly use it to let people know what's new and what is coming up! Oh, and since we are on the topic . . . don't forget to tell me what your fav Preppy Tee design is if you want to be entered in the contest to win one!!!
That's not to say that I don't like blogging, because anyone who knows me knows that I can talk, and talk, and talk - same goes for typing! Yes folks, I am long-winded!
So, right now I'm busy planning our St. Michael's Fall Bazaar booth - or at least thinking about it, maybe 'planning' isn't the most accurate description - that would mean I've been writing things down, like what I am going to put where, and what the displays are going to look like. Instead, I've been just buying more bags and market totes so that everyone will be able to get the best teacher gifts and holiday presents for friends and family!
If you know me personally then you know I do this because I love it. And this season is no exception, I truly love being a part of people's gift-giving - I enjoy every last moment of helping someone find that perfect gift - even picking out colors, fonts, embroidery designs - its what I live for! I just like seeing people happy, or hearing how much they loved giving a gift - or receiving it! Its so much fun!
This year I have tried my best to find things at varying price points - you know, if you have any good ideas I'm certainly open to suggestion!
So . . . I found some pretty faux-cashmere scarves - they look so pretty monogrammed and hey, it gets cold enough here every so often - and some of us go on chi chi ski trips!
And you all know my new -favorite gift is the market tote - I just think you get a lot of bang for your buck because it is so versatile and looks so awesome with a name or monogram on it - I don't actually use mine at the market, but I have seen some there - that's just because my other new addiction is the Scout shopping bags - you can see them at the bazaar, they are awesome, and did you know many states have out-lawed plastic shopping bags! Florida is likely going to be next! Wow, I say! I think its a great idea, but what will I use for doggie poo bags? I guess biodegradable ones is a better choice!
Anyway, how did I get so off-topic? What else have we been up to? Well, I had a nice visit with Heather Harris out at her studio (check out the pics of my bulldog puppy in her witch costume on Heather's blog) - and I highly recommend Heather for all of your photography needs. Why? well first of all, she has so much talent, but you know, she is just so generous and creative and when ever I see her it makes me want to go do something creative! She creates these elaborate settings and makes photos so fun for the kids, and then she has great prices and it just makes for a wonderful package! I am going to make an effort to get more professional pictures of my children - someday I want them to look at all of these beautiful photos and say, my parents really cherished me!
And no, Heather is not paying me to say these things, its just the plain truth. If I find something I think is good quality and really worth your money, I like to share! So, that's my recommendation for the day, okay, month! Think 'holiday photos'. Hey, I have a good idea - how about a Preppy In Paradise Christmas Dress - have Heather take the picture, it will be awesome!
Well, now I'm tired, and I have lots of planning to do! So, don't forget to get your tee shirt vote in, come visit us at St. Michaels in November, start making your list and checking it twice!


Shahana said...

Wow great dresses. Though I don't have baby girl. I have a son only.

Beth Dunn said...

Those little dresses are so cute! I'm glad I found your blog. xoxo