Friday, October 30, 2009

Plastic shopping bags are on their way OUT

Did you know that Florida is considering a 5 year plan to phase out plastic AND paper grocery shopping bags? Since we just returned from a trip to Europe, this didn't seem that strange to us because in many of the grocery stores we visited there you had to by a bag - and in a couple of shops in Paris the reusable bag was the same price as the plastic one!
Anyway, I didn't used to sell the Scout market totes, not because I didn't like them, just because I already sell SO many things that I didn't know if people would be interested. Well, if you are going to have to use a reusable shopping bag, let me tell you this is the way to go! I take 2 of them to the store and fit an entire week's worth of groceries - and look darn good doing it! Check them out - they come in a wide variety of patterns and for $20 you can use it over and over and over again! Oh, and they are very handy for other things as well, but you will not be disappointed when you try these out!
Not convinced? Stop by, pick one up and use it for a week - if you don't like it (I wont believe you, but hey) bring it back! It'll be on a first come first served basis for the trial bags, but you are always welcome to stop by and check out all of our great Scout products. You can also visit their website at to see available patterns - if you see something you like we can get it!
So to wrap it up, I am in favor of using less plastic bags, I know it will be a stretch for many people and there will be growing pains, but darn it, plastic is just not stylish, and its most definitely not preppy!


simple pleasures by heidi said...

sign me up for a free trial of the market totes. i'm such a sucker for the reusable bags....well any bag for that matter. are you available on sunday for me to stop by....may want to buy some other goodies too! :)

Veuve and Varsity said...

Recently (here in New Zealand) we have been trying to phase out the plastic bag. Most supermarkets and places like kmart charge a small fee for the plastic bags in hope of decresing their use - its seems to be working most people take the re-usable totes.

By the way does your website ship to New Zealand?

Preppy In Paradise said...

Absolutely we can ship to New Zealand! We would just get a quote first to find the best price!

simple pleasures by heidi said...

ooooh! picked up the bag today and can't wait to put it to good use! i'm sure i'll be dropping by with a check, soon!