Saturday, October 17, 2009

What are YOU thankful for?

Preppy In Paradise is thankful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and be part of their gift-giving experience. I just can't tell you how amazing it is make something knowing it is being given with love! Do I sound like I'm full of fromage? I don't care! Call me the cheesiest, but 'tis the season!
Speaking of which, the holiday season is upon us and the craft show season is upon ME! Thank you to all those loyal Preppies who came out to the Sweet Bean Cafe event - it was fun and definitely got me into the craft show spirit! The only other event we will be attending this year will be the Saint Michael's Fall Bazaar, November 12th and 13th. If you have never been to this show, you are truly missing out! I started going years ago and know that it is a great place to pick up some gifts for everyone on your list. When I saw 'craft show' I don't mean plastic doilies either, I mean hand painted glassware, children's clothes, doll clothes, yummy treats and actual items made by local, talented artisans. If you only go to one craft show, make it this one - we did! Not to mention that a portion of the profits goes directly to the school.
We will be doing on-site monogramming, but it will be first come first served, and it will be limited to items that take less than 15 minutes on the machine - so if you want that shower curtain, duvet or tablecloth done - you'd better see us at the studio instead!
At the show we will have a large assortment of hair accessories, holiday dresses and items that are perfect for teacher gifts. Check out the website to see whats new - that is always much more efficient than asking me, since I can't always remember!

Hope to see you there!


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