Monday, June 22, 2009

Upcoming Events and News

Hello! The summer is definitely in full swing in Southwest Florida, with temperatures topping 100 and mommies running around like crazy people while they chauffeur kiddos to camps!

A couple of things to point out - Leanne and family will be travelling in Europe for almost the entire month of August. While she is away business will continue on with the assistance of Fiona and the other PIP folks. However, if there is something you know you are going to need for the start of school or beginning of September, you may want to get it to us before August!

Guess what?! In July, Preppy In Paradise will be celebrating its first birthday! Can you believe it? We have no idea where the last year went, but it was a great one! We will be having loads of special Preppy events the month of July so please check the blog regularly!

New Products - PIP is very happy to announce that we will noq be offering personalized melamine plates. There is a wide variety of patterns for birthdays, holidays, families, children - you name it! There are plates as well as platters, which will make great gifts for the holidays - but if you are interested, we encourage you avoid the holiday rush and become one of those 'early shoppers' we all joke about but secretly envy! Wouldn't it be nice to put your feet up and enjoy the holidays this year instead of rushing around! Also, we find it makes the huge expense much more tolerable if it is spread out over the several months leading up to the holidays - for instance, you know you are going to be getting teacher gifts, so why wait until December? Simply start collecting ideas and even buying things when you think of it - store them away in the back of your closet and then enjoy all the free time around the holidays! You can do it and you will not be disappointed!

Ciao for now!

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