Monday, August 4, 2008

What's new today

I spent much of today organizing embroidery files and searching for more fun, preppy and unique designs. There are so many interesting things to make, and we always welcome comments and suggestions!

On another note, my good friend Tania, from brought to light an urgent need in our Southwest Florida community for volunteers. The Harry Chapin food bank receives donations constantly, unfortunately they don't have constant volunteers to then sort and distribute those food items. Tania and her sister spent a morning volunteering and feel passionately that there is an ongoing need for help. When they don't get help, food often has to be thrown away because it exceeds the expiration date! That, is horrible! So we at Preppy In Paradise are going to make every effort to spend a morning a week at the food bank to help out. Want to join us? Send an email to

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Tania said...

Hey there, thanks for bring the food bank needs to everyone's attention. I was apalled at the amount of food that they have but can't get processed and back out to those who need it. We at are also going to be sorting once a week. Please let us know if you can help!! Leanne, your blog looks great!!!