Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just another manic Monday

Well, I just don't know where the hours slip off to, but I do know I have to start going to bed earlier! I'm having too much fun with the new embroidery machine though! A large part of today was spent organizing all of the super cool new fonts that I have - it was painstaking, but worth it because now it is much easier to find a font when I need it. And we all know how obsessed I am with organization! I think it pays off in the end.

Tania stopped by today too, and we made plans to head over to the food bank in the morning to get down and dirty with the donations. We're going to pretend we're Laverne and Shirley. Its not too late to join us - we'll be there about 9-ish (depending on how quickly the line at Starbucks moves) until about noon-ish (depending on when our hunger overtakes us). Hope you can make it!

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