Sunday, August 17, 2008

If we lose power from Hurricane Fay . . .

Not a problem! We have a generator, so we'll be working regardless - unless, of course, we don't have a roof! But seriously, part of living in 'paradise' is dealing with the occasional issue - hurricanes, poisonous spiders, alligators, rogue golf balls, heat exhaustion - why do we live here?

Now we're pros at being prepared for extreme weather. When most people leave, we stay - Dr. Glen has to be here in case he is needed at the hospital - we were here during Hurricane Charlie, as well as the following busy hurricane year when I spent nervous days camping out in the laundry room 8 months pregnant!

So we are going to batten down the hatches and see what happens. Tomorrow we will head out to the farm to make sure that Macintosh is safe in his barn and give him some last minute hugs, kisses and carrots so he knows we love him and then leave him in the capable hands of Miss Jessica.

Meanwhile, Blake's first day of school is tomorrow so Alex and I are going to have a mother-daughter day and work on some outstanding Preppy In Paradise projects.

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