Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The First Contest in our New Shop!

You KNOW how we love contests, and today we received the great news that one of our vendors, Princess Linens, drew our name in THEIR contest!  What did we win?  Well, a fabulous Princess Linens Easter Basket!  and what are we going to do with this fab basket?  Give it away to one of our loyal customers, of course!

We love Princess Linens - they are our supplier of Baby Scrubs, Garden Princess Dresses, Hampton Shortalls and the various crayon bags and keepers.  Stop in to our new shop and check out the lovely products we carry from their line.  You can also visit their store at:

Now, about OUR contest:  Stop in to the shop and fill out an entry form, easy as that!  If, and only if, you don't live in the area, just comment on this post and we'll fill out a form for you!  Mostly, we want you to come visit us in our new location:  9541 Cypress Lake Drive, Number 4, Fort Myers, FL 33919, PH:  239-481-1995

Check out the basket:

Stuffed with a Doodlebugz Doodlebag, a Doodlebugz Chalk Talk Chalkboard Placemat, a Doodlebugz Crayon Keeper, a cuddly bunny and plenty of candy to keep your budding artist's creativity soaring!

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Did you enter me?